Luxurious design, artfully crafted to the highest standards.

Speaking to a taste for sophisticated artistry, when Zoffany draws from its extensive archive, it is never at the expense of producing exquisite designs for modern settings. Traditional forms like Damasks and Velvets are skilfully enhanced to maximise the sensual tactility of any space, for a beguiling experience of interior design.

By looking back to Zoffany’s first ever collection, a series of innovatively reproduced wallpapers inspired by the Tudor-Jacobean country house, Temple Newsam, a creative relationship with past designs emerge. It is this innovative relationship between past and present, whilst always striving for the most refined finish, that informs Zoffany’s ethos.

With its accomplished aesthetic, Zoffany produces an extensive range of wallpapers, fabrics, trimmings, paint, carpets and furniture, for both contemporary and classic interiors.

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