Beautifully executed fabrics & wallcoverings embodying the best of British eclecticism.

With a heighted sensitivity towards every current of trends, Clarke & Clarke is for every dedicated follower of fashion. Founded in 1999, Clarke & Clarke boasts one of the most eclectic portfolios within the Sanderson Design Group. Making nods from the sleekly modern to the decadently glamourous, Clarke & Clarke perfectly encapsulates the eccentricity in contemporary British design.

 As a forerunner of the Transitional Style, Clarke & Clarke embodies an agile design ethos. Recognising that interior design is an important expression of the self, the brand responds to the everyday need for versatile, high-quality designs, as well as products with a finger on the pulse of recent trends. Pitched towards a style-conscious demographic, Clarke & Clarke recognises that interior design is an important expression of the self. To this end, Clarke & Clarke is in a perpetual state of invention and reinvention, committed to supplying the market with fresh ideas for modern living.

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