Beautifully crafted products that uphold the legacy of William Morris.

As a political theorist, publisher, environmental campaigner, poet, as well as an outstanding designer, William Morris (1834–1896) was one of the single most influential figures of the nineteenth century. Under his direction Morris & Co. grew into a flourishing and fashionable Arts & Crafts decorating firm renowned for its wallpapers and textiles. Today, the Sanderson Design Group build on that proud heritage with inventive reimaginations of Morris & Co. classics, ever upholding the impeccable standard of craftsmanship which has defined all Morris & Co. products since their inception.

Always guided by Morris’s creative intuition, designs are inspired by treasures in our Morris & Co. archive, which houses historical log books, samples of every wallpaper, printed and woven textiles and original wooden printing blocks. For their ability to faithfully transform any space into an Arts & Crafts haven, and for their evocations of the glorious drama and wonderment in nature, Morris & Co.’s authentic archival pieces continue to experience insatiable demand to this day.

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