Located in Lancaster, England, with a heritage stretching back over 90 years, Standfast & Barracks is one of the most versatile and distinctive fabric printers in the world, producing the finest quality prints for many design-led home furnishings and apparel brands on the market today.

Standfast & Barracks is an innovator, offering some of the most advanced digital printing techniques available worldwide. This, in turn, creates long-term relationships with customers who value expertise, passion, and a focus on excellence.

The Standfast & Barracks factory, established in 1924, has been in operation for nearly 100 years and continues to produce prints combining both traditional and innovative cutting edge technology. The distinctive artisan approach to fabric printing, as well as a cutting edge in-house design team makes Standfast & Barracks one of the finest printers in the world. The rich heritage and wealth of printing knowledge amongst the team is exceptional, employing only the finest, skilled craftsmen in designing and printing cloths.

Standfast & Barracks offer a choice of several fabric printing techniques, from conventional rotary and flatbed screen printing using vat, reactive, pigment, disperse, discharge and acid dyes to the latest ink-jet digital technology for short runs and special designs. Whatever the process, quality and service is assured.

Standfast & Barracks take pride in nurturing homegrown British talent, working closely with universities to discover young talent and promising young British designers. As custodians of some of the world’s finest printed fabrics, Standfast & Barracks is the purveyor of antique style, elegance and heritage wherever it has a presence.

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