Cutting-edge design for dynamic metropolitan spaces.

Urban by its essence, Anthology’s beating heart is an erudite amalgam of tactile plains, feature designs and a virile minerality to its colour-signatures. Complementing the sleek modernity of its design ethos is the innovative production techniques espoused and constantly advanced by Anthology.

Launched in Spring 2014, Anthology is the first Sanderson Design Group brand dedicated to products aimed at the contract market. Originally presenting a compendium of wallcoverings, Anthology now offers a range of exquisite contract-standard fabrics, such as tactile velvets and glossy wide-width sheers, adding a touch of the cool contemporary to domestic and commercial spaces.

Anthology was conceived as a determined forerunner for the newest production techniques, utilising cutting-edge means for evoking the lustrous dynamism at the centre of exhilarating modernity for domestic and commercial spaces.

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